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Special note September 6th meeting to start at 6 PM “Board Meeting”
Information for the upcoming Plant Sale

Region 13 Fall Newsletter 2022
Registration Information Fall 2022 Board Meeting, Puyallup, WA
Registration Information Spring 2023 Board Meeting, Salem, OR
Lankow Award Results
Photos and Garden Reports from Siberian/Species National Convention


 Region 13 Spring Newsletter
Registration Information Siberian/Species National Convention Seattle, WA
Lankow Standard Dwarf Bearded Voting
Region 13 Club’s Events 2022




Membership Dues

Membership Dues

Information for Fall Meeting Registration


GPIS News August 2021
Members Potluck/Auction

Information for Judges Training on Iris ensata (Japanese)

Information regarding AIS Judges Training, June 27
August Luncheon 

Bulletin Reg 13 Spring 2021 News
Information: Lankow Award Voting
Fall Regional Meeting Registration
Updated Clubs Information for Meetings, Shows, and Plant Sales


Information regarding Zoom Meeting, April 7th
contact John Ludi by April 2nd sign-up

Information regarding Zoom Meeting, March 3rd
contact John Ludi by February 20th sign-up 

GPIS News Nov 2020

GPIS News Oct 2020


  • AIS Online Webinar Judges Training
  • Pre-Registration Required
  • Download Test
  • Instructor Jodi Nolin
  • Subject “Species Iris”
  • September 2, 5:30 Pacific Time

Bulletin Reg. 13 Fall 2020 News

AIS-Newsletter Judges Training Webinar

  • AIS Online Webinar Judges Training Instructions
  • Pre-Registration Required
  • Download Test
  • Instructor Bonnie Nicholes
  • Subject “Novelty Irises”
  • Aug 5, 5 PM Pacific TimeGPIS News March 2020

Bulletin Reg. 13 Spring 2020 News

GPIS News Jan. 2020

  • Registration for Judges Training and Luncheon, Rick Tasco, Aril and Aril-bred irises

GPIS News Dec. 2019

GPIS News Nov. 2019

GPIS News Oct. 2019

GPIS News Sept 2019

Bulletin Reg. 13 Fall 2019 News

  • Registration for Fall Regional 2019, Spokane Valley, WA
  • Registration for Judges Training, Hooker Nichols, “Louisiana Irises”, Oregon Trail Iris Society
  • Region 13 Lankow Award for Standard Dwarf Bearded
  • Region 13, 2019 Convention Iris Awards

GPIS News July 2019

GPIS News June 2019

GPIS News March 2019

Reg. 13 Spring 2019 News

  • Registration for Spring Regional 2019
  • 2019 Lankow Award ballot for Standard Dwarf Bearded
  • Local Clubs Calendar of Events and Meetings
  • Region 13 AIS Judges, list
  • Fall Board Meeting, Spokane, WA, Registration

GPIS News February 2019

GPIS News January 2019

GPIS News December 2018

GPIS News November 2018

Region 13 Fall News 2018

GPIS News August 2018

GPIS News July 2018

GPIS News March 2018

Region 13 Spring News 2018

  • Registration for Spring Regional 2018
  • Calendar of Region 13 Meetings
  • Local Clubs Calendar of Events and Meetings
  • 2018 Lankow Award ballot for Standard Dwarf Bearded

 GPIS News January 2018/Judges Training Luncheon