Members References

All members if not using electronic mail with a traceable header including name and date are asked to print off these forms to submit with receipts to the treasurer.

Greater Portland Iris Society Expense Report
GPIS-Expense Report

Greater Portland Iris Society Income Report
GPIS-Income Report

Member’s Library

An extensive resource of material is available to our members,
contact Chad Harris to checkout any of the listed.

Judge’s Handbook
American Iris Society Judge’s Handbook 1998
National Council of State Garden Clubs 1987

American Iris Society Check List (10 years)
American Iris Society Check List (yr)
2020 thru 2022

Cumulative Check List
Japanese 2015
Median 2006

Siberian 2006
SIGNA 2002
Spuria 2023

The American Iris Society-100 years 1920-2020, edited Jim Morris
Classic Irises; Men and Women who Created Them, Clarence Mahan 2007
Fine Art of Flower Arranging, Nancy D’oench 2002
The Garden Gate, Sam Caldwell 1954
The Gardener’s Iris Book, William Shear 1998
The Iris, Brian Mathew 1981
The Iris Book, Molly Price 1966
Growing Irises, Graeme Grosvenor 1984
Investigating Irises, Maretta Colasante 2004
Iris the Classic Bearded, Claire Austin 2001
The Iris, text Ben Hager, photo Josh Westrich 1989
Irises, Harry Randall 1969
Iris of China, James Waddick, Zhao Yu-tang 1992
Iris laevigata, Akira Horinaka 1990
Iris Species of the World, Masahiro Shiino 2005
The Japanese Iris, Currier McEwen 1990
The Louisiana Iris, editors Marie Caillett, Joseph Mertzweiller 1988
The Louisiana Iris, Second Edition, editors
Marie Caillett, J. Farron Campbell, Kevin Vaughn, Dennis Vercher 2000
Pacific Coast Irises, Victor Cohn 1997
Revision of the Pacific Coast Irises, Lee Lenz 1989
The Siberian, Currier McEwen (paperback) 1981
The Siberian, Currier McEwen 1996
The World of Irises, edited Bee Warburton 1978